Different Types of Air Conditioners

Ductless split AC

Ductless AC

Urban residences are increasingly using split air conditioners, which are ductless air conditioners fixed on walls. These come in a variety of colours and sleek, contemporary styles. The external compressor, the indoor handling unit, and the connecting pipes and electrical connections make up a split air conditioner.

The connection between the indoor and outdoor units is made via lines that run through a small hole punched in the exterior wall, so there is minimal air leakage in these air conditioners.
• The ease of maintenance is yet another benefit of split air conditioners. • They are noiseless since just the air blowers are within the room and the noisy compressor is fixed outside. These air conditioners include washable filters that can be periodically removed, washed, and then fixed back in place.
Due to the fact that most people only turn it on when necessary, the operational cost is not very significant.

Cons: An improperly installed condensate discharge line, which removes condensed water vapour, could clog, cause backflow, or cause a leak in the indoor unit. To guarantee that the water empties outwards easily, make sure to provide this pipe a proper downward slope in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Reminder: Position the indoor unit properly to keep the piping as short as feasible. This will improve the split AC’s energy efficiency.

Consider a new innovation: Split air conditioners with inverter technology, which help to regulate the compressor’s power usage when operating. This method makes significant savings on electricity costs possible.


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