Air Conditioning Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

With 6000 machines under contract, we undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for all brands and types of air-conditioners including split, window, ductables & other centralized systems such as VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and AHUs (Air Handling Units). We offer 2 types of contracts, i.e. Only Service (Excluding spare parts) & Comprehensive (including all parts).

Under Only Service, 3 preventive maintenance services are given in the year and all break-down calls attended as required. Any spare parts to be repaired or replaced are quoted for separately.

The Comprehensive option in addition to the preventive maintenance services and attending of breakdown calls also includes most major spare parts and allows for a hassle free, prompt overall experience.

Our AMC Services include company offices, retail establishments, Hospitality Outlets, Residential Homes and large Commercial Projects. We have more than 6000 machines under contract in Mumbai currently. Our highly trained engineers & technicians are equipped with excellent project management and service levels to satisfy all your air conditioning needs. Get rid of all the emergency costs associated with AC repair with an annual maintenance contract with SP Sanghi.